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Why have a skin check?

What to expect

At Acacia Country Practice you can book in for your skin check with your GP – standard 15 min appointment.

During your skin check the doctor will use a special microscope for skin called a dermoscope.

It is good practice to examine patients just in underwear, so we don’t miss any spots but it is up to the patient to tell the doctor what they are comfortable to do.

Some skin lesions can be frozen on the day using cryotherapy

Sometimes the doctor will recommend skin lesion be cut out (skin excision or biopsy) and sent to the lab so a doctor (pathologist) can check for cancer.  You will need to make a second appointment for this. 


What are our fees?

When you book at Acacia Country Practice a skin check will cost $90 (you will get $41.40 medicare rebate back) as for standard appointment.  If you have a healthcare card or are under 16 yo you may be bulk billed..

The equipment we use for skin excisions costs between $60-$90 each patient, so we need to charge an extra fee. We also need to charge for the doctor’s & nurse’s time. There will be no medicare rebate or bulk billing.

On the day of your skin excision you will need to pay: $100 equipment fee AND

$50 for 15min

$100 for 30min

$150 for 45 min

$200 for 1hr

When we have the result we will contact you to claim the medicare rebate. You will need to pay this, but will then receive 75-85% of the  medicare rebate.

What to expect

During the procedure pain with the injection and small amount of bleeding is common.

Complications are uncommon, but could include:

  • allergic reaction
  • infection
  • wound coming open
  • poor healing or scarring
  • incomplete excision – need to go back & take more skin out
  • rarely, damage to nearby structures
for more information go to skin excisions

Wound care

  • Keep your wound clean & dry especially for 1st 48 hrs
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid putting tension on the wound – you may need to avoid lifting etc.

we will tell you if you need sutures removed

Contact us if you have signs of infection or other concerns:

  • increasing swelling,
  • pus,
  • increasing pain,
  • fevers,
  • bleeding through the dressing